• Surviving Corporate Attire: Staying Fab in an Office Environment

    by admin on September 30, 2012

    Business attire has gotten the rap of being dull and stifling. Many offices require a strict dress code, which can infringe the individual style. This is not news to many corporate slaves but they can still show their individuality even if they’re in corporate clothes. Celebrities have done it already (e.g. in movies, TV series, appearances) so there’s no reason for real corporate people not to be able to do it.

    Break the Monotony

    Corporate attire is usually monochromatic and not a lot of ladies like that. Shoes and bag of the same color but with a different shade will break the monotony. A navy blue ensemble would look smashing if worn with a pair of sky blue pumps. Even hot pink shoes can be worn with an all-black business attire can make a good difference. Using different shades of the same color can brighten up the corporate look. If you’re too shy with color on your shoes, make up for it with a bag in a vibrant hue. Speaking of colors, a blazer of bright color will certainly add drama to otherwise plain corporate attire. A white blazer is a good start, and it always makes the wearer look clean and polished. Pick the one that’s made with high-quality material and with the right fit because light colors tend to be unforgiving. The wrong one will be unflattering to your figure and will make you look sloppy.

    Play with Textures

    Various fabric textures can play up the corporate look. The standard slacks will stand out if you wear it with a tweed or twill blazer. Complete the texture play with a silk or satin scarf.

    Statement accessories will also save the corporate chick from looking dull. A set of pearl earrings and necklace should be a good investment because they go with almost anything. Strand of pearl necklaces of different lengths will also add drama to the corporate ensemble. A nice belt will make business attire look hipper, regardless if the belt is thick or thin.  Add several brooches to the jewelry kit as well, as it they make an ordinary business outfit look elegant.

    Every girl should never underestimate the power of well-done makeup and hairstyle. No one should ever go to the office looking like she has just woken up. But this isn’t a license to pile up on makeup. This is the office, not the theater stage. Red lipstick with a thin line above the upper lash line should suffice. Of course, keep the hair neat, tidy, and frizz-free. On busy and bad hair days, the hair can be tied into a ponytail or bun. Keep a few bobby pins in your office drawer for emergency purposes.

    It can be challenging to add character to business attire but only if creativity is lacking. If you take your work seriously, you should also take your look seriously. Part of any corporate job is to look nice and presentable. It will make you feel empowered, which will consequently draw positive reactions from colleagues, clients, and superiors.

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