• Career Tips for a Writer

    by admin on November 8, 2011

    The problem most writers have in common is how to find a job that is both lucrative and secure. Pursuing a writing career may discourage other potential writers for fear of low salary or lack of demand. Unknown to most people, there are quite a number of appealing job opportunities for writers. With the creative ability to express and communicate through the written word, a writer has a skill crucial across all industries.

    Some of the more traditional careers in writing are found in the field of journalism. Only recently has there been a growth and variety in job opportunities. In this article, we shall discuss a few career tips and job options which writers can consider.


    Technical writing – The rapid growth of the tech industry has increased the demand for skilled technical writers. Technical writers work in most industries: engineering, software development, finance, medicine, and other industries that require technical documentation. The education and training requirements for this writing career depend on what kind of industry you’re working for. The best way to secure a career in technical writing is to familiarize yourself with the industry’s technical jargon, tools, trade, and workflow pattern.

    Corporate communications – Corporate institutions, such as public relations firms, have introduced job opportunities for writers in the form of corporate communications. Most companies run their own communications department which handles company newsletters, press releases, website content and even promotional material such as brochures and mailers. If you have strong business sense and an understanding of the industry, then this writing job is for you.

    Copywriting – This has become one of the most popular career opportunities for writers. Copywriting involves writing marketing and promotional material for various media outlets such as television, print and radio. Aside from coming up with appealing content, it also requires the writer to conceptualize a selling idea.


    Blog writing – One of the more practical ways on how to find a job as a writer is through the internet. Most writers already write blogs for a hobby. However, blog writing can also be a great way to earn money at the comfort of your home. In this writing career, you can earn money through ad revenue or a by becoming a professional blogger for an organization or company.

    SEO writing – Popular freelance sites hire SEO writers who know how to optimize web page copy through the use of keyword phrases in certain densities. Equally important is the quality and relevance of the content, so SEO article writers would also have to do significant research for niche topics. You can agree to receive payments per article or per hour consumed, depending on your agreement with the employer.

    Academic writing – Also included in freelance job opportunities for writers is academic writing. If you have a knack for doing reaction papers, thesis proposals, term papers and the like, you can certainly make money out of academic writing. There are quite a number of academic freelance writing sites online where you can find such job opportunities.

    These are just some options and tips on how to find a job as a writer. Keep in mind that no matter what industry you decide to pursue, high earning potential can be achieved if you dedicate yourself to improving your craft.

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